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Charity Bingo Game - How to get started

The first thing you need to do is find out about the BINGO GAMING LAWS in the state, territory or province where you want to operate your not-for-profit game. To do this you should start with checking with your State's Internal Revenue Department or your State's Gaming (continued ...)

Charity Bingo Game - Start Your Program

Your intention is likely to generate the most money you can for you non-profit organization. That means lots of players. You want to count on people with jobs to attend, so schedule your bingo for afternoon and into the evening. Your venue is the (continued ...)

Charity Bingo Game - Make Hall Rules

Bingo Cards

Set your rules for the venue and the game and stick to them. Post the rules in conspicuous areas in several locations throughout the bingo gaming hall. Here are some sample rules to give you an idea of what should be (continued ...)

Charity Bingo Game - Workers

Your workers can either make or break your game. They must be friendly and knowledgeable about bingo. If the player doesn't like your worker, then the game is over for that player. The caller is very important. Pick two people (continued ...)

Charity Bingo Game - Extra Fun

Give your gammers something for their Birthday if it is in the week they play. It doesn't take much to make Bingo Daubersthem feel special. An ink dauber for marking bingo cards, $5 off their cards or a candy bar. Get their name and have the caller announce their birthday, anniversary or (continued ...)

Charity Bingo Game - Equipment

The equipment you choose for your game depends on several things. What type of game are you planning? What is the size of your hall? How many people re expected at your games? Does your equipment need to be portable or is it going to be set permanent? These are all (continued ...)